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Get to know our featured artists!

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Recording Artist/Producer/CEO

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY has been taking over the music industry with a unique approach. The singer-turned-music producer is not the typical hip-hop artist listeners encounter in the music industry. His fresh take on music and his passion for producing tracks inspired him to create his record label, Jackson Multimedia LLC. Born in 1998, Miles Jackson, more popularly known as SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY, is a rising star in the hip-hop and R&B music industry. Aside from being a vocalist, rapper, and music producer, the young musician is also a talented pianist and guitarist. While working on his bachelor’s degree at Maryville College, SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY continued to pursue his goals for his music career. He founded his record label under the name Jackson Multimedia LLC, and today, the label is home to nine musical artists, three artists and repertoires (A&Rs), and two managers.



Recording Artist

"Loverboyjaee" is a recording artist originally from Chattanooga, TN. He fell in love with music as a child growing up in the church. He recently started recording his own music in March of 2019. He has made a name for himself across the south east region through his unique sound and story telling.

Blaque Eyeland


Recording Artist

"Blaque Eyeland" is a recording artist originally from Nashville, TN. His unique twist on R&B has allowed him to become one of the staple artist within the South East region. His versatility paired with his melodic vocals proves to be unmatched.

BRC Mike


Recording Artist

"Backroad Mike" also known as BRC Mike is Jackson Multimedia's featured trap artist. His flow and lyrics are ahead of his time for the genre. He has been taking over the South East region through his dominant sound and his ability to redefine trap music.



Recording Artist

Zakayo is Jackson Multimedia's latest addition. He brings a sound to the label that the other artist don't bring. His R&B talent has proven to be one of a kind. He has a beautiful falsetto voice that allows him to have a vocal range that not many other artist in the country can compare to. He is multi talented and is highly skilled at the piano.

Remy G


Recording Artist

Remy G is a recording artist originally from Houston Texas. He is also known for his voice on the exclusive "FYI FLI" podcast with our A&R CEO Sanni. Remy G has accomplished a lot through out his time as an artist. He brings a lot of energy to his music and you can tell just through his lyrics and choice of upbeat instrumentals. He showed off his versatility in his latest project entitled the "G-Tape". Click below to stream the tape now.

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