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JMM Artist Development Program



We offer our artists an exclusive 1 year artist development program in which we will provide guidance and consultation throughout the length of the contract. 

This program provides developing artists with the tools they need to build a sustainable career. Working hand-in-hand with the artist we will help create the framework for the artist to build their business, develop their brand, and grow their audience.

This program consist of classes which take place once a month throughout the length of their contract. There is a total of 12 sessions. These classes will teach artists about branding, marketing, social media, song writing, distribution, production, and music business. 

Jackson Multimedia has been in partnerships with many organizations such as ASCAP, Musician Without Borders, UpNext, AmpliFLY Entertainment, ProMotion LLC, Musicians Without Borders, Maryville College, Bentley Records, Global Songwriters Connection, TuneCore, and MANY more.

After reviewing the program all artist must fill out an application. This application will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission. 

Artist Development Program: Price List
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